Workflow-Related #AMIA2014 Papers and Posters

I looked at every instance of the use of the word “workflow” in the 2012 page proceedings for the American Medical Informatics Association 2014 Annual Symposium. I found these 45 papers and posters. For each I created a short blog post (links below) so I can tweet them.


Because health IT (of which medical informatics is an influential tributary) must adopt more workflow technology. Workflow tech includes a variety of process-aware technologies, including workflow management system, business process management, and dynamic/adaptive case management. By highlighting specific medical informatics topics, such as clinical pathways, checklists, situational awareness, process maps, and time-and-motion studies, I hope to highlight specific potential contributions of workflow technology to dealing with healthcare and health IT’s manifold usability, interoperability, productivity, and patient safety workflow problems.

If you’re interested in healthcare workflow technology, I hope you’ll read my five-part series on the subject, or watch my 42-minute webinar, archived as a YouTube webinar and embedded in the following tweet.

There’s a lot material below. So, you just want to read my comments about the top five papers or posters (from my extremely workflow-centric point of view), just look for the big ol’ Top Five!

Sunday (all at 3:30! How to choose? Click through to see what I quoted…)

Impacts of EHR Certification and Meaningful Use Implementation on an Integrated Delivery Network
The Impact of HIT on Cost and Quality in Patient-Centered Medical Home Practices
Squaring the circle: Managing local healthcare terminologies in the age of standardization
Missing Evidence for HIT Transformation in a Review of the Literature
ED Noise & Cognition Interruptions: Do We Have a Jackhammer in the Cockpit?


The EHR’s roles in collaboration between providers: A qualitative study
Developing an Electronic Health Record for Google Glass: Challenges and Use Cases
Using EHR Timestamps for Analyzing Ophthalmology Clinic Workflows
Tissue-Experiment Inventory: A System to Enable Cataloguing of Experimental Results in Association with Tissue and Participant Information
The Need for a Nimble Decision Support Tool for Implementing Clinical Pathways in Oncology
Examining the Multi-level Fit between Work and Technology in a Secure Messaging Implementation
Using TURF to Understand the Functions of Interruptions
A Framework for Incorporating Patient Preferences to Deliver Participatory Medicine via Interdisciplinary Healthcare Teams
Effect of Obesity and Clinical Factors on Pre-Incision Time: Study of Operating Room Workflow
Coordination of Care for Complex Pediatric Patients: Perspectives from Providers and Parents
Clinical Workflow Observations to Identify Opportunities for Nurse, Physicians and Patients to Share a Patient-centered Plan of Care
Cognitive design of a digital desk for the emergency room setting
Integration of Generic Electronic Health Records: Moving from Technology Acceptance to Adaptive Structuration to Reciprocal Coordination
An Electronic Patient Safety Checklist Tool for Interprofessional Healthcare Teams and Patients
Enhancing the TURF Framework with a Workflow Ontology
Applied Clinical Informatics Best Practices in support of Clinical Next Best Practices: Integrating Knowledge Discovery to Delivery into Workflow
Engineering for reliability in at-home chronic disease management


An Extensible Integration Framework for Clinical Decision Support Applications
A Time-and-motion Study of Clinical Trial Eligibility Screening in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Google Glass for clinical procedures reference. Perception of optimal UI (user interface) and functionalities
A Comprehensive Simulation Modeling Methodology to Reduce Health Care Process Redesign Risk
Automating Extraction and Calculation of Daily Dose and Duration for Medications in EHRs
Differences in Occurrence and Recorded Times of Care Delivery Events as Documented in Electronic Health Records
Attitudes Towards Electronic Medical Records in Intensive Care
Workflow-based modeling of cancer care trial protocols
Challenges Faced When Designing and Conducting Time Motion Studies in Health Care Environments
User Experiences of Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) by Physicians: A cross-sectional survey study
Check it with Chex: A Validation Tool for Iterative NLP Development
Problem Management Module: An Innovative System to Improve Problem List Workflow
An Analysis of Medication Adherence of Sooner Health Access Network SoonerCare Choice Patients
HIE Enablers: A Crucial Need for Care Coordination Communication Among Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Front Line Nursing and Other Staff
Going Digital: Transforming Medical Checklists for Improved Patient Care
Safety-Enhanced Design as a Meaningful Use Objective: Evaluating and Advancing the Usability of Electronic Health Records
Considerations of dual process theories for EHR design
Integrated Data Management System for Medical Registries: A Case Study using RexDB
How Can We Partner with Electronic Health Record Vendors on the Complex Journey to Safer Health Care?
Analyzing and Comparing Clinical Work Systems with Cognitive Work Analysis: Lessons Learned


Patient-Centered Appointment Scheduling Using Agent-Based Simulation
Trends in Publication of Nursing Informatics Research
Characterization of a Handoff Documentation Tool Through Usage Log Data

Participatory Design and Development of a Patient-centered Toolkit to Engage Hospitalized Patients and Care Partners in their Plan of Care

PS I’ve not yet assigned papers to the top five workflow paper category! Come back to see! :)






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