Healthcare Needs Executable Process Model Between Clinicians And Data

(This is a full-text transcription of one slide from my November 5th 42-minute webinar on Ebola and EHR Workflow Engines, Editors, and Visibility. Please excuse occasional “typos” as I’ve not proofed every word. Consider watching the Youtube video or going to first slide in this transcribed series. My original post announcing the webinar includes motivating context and an outline. Thank you!)

Down here, we have the work plans, which are the workflow definitions, contain the required tests for specific conditions, so they’re not forgotten. They’re not forgotten, because when they are cued up, they don’t go away. You see them in the office view and they hang around. The patients can’t leave until they are either accomplished or dismissed for a good reason. Now we’ve come to the conceptual core of what I’m talking about. I like to talk about the power of process, the power of executable process models. In the middle here, we have models of work, models of workflow that are executable, that are mechanically consultable in order to help the users. In the middle, we have this IO model version and here we have the pick list kind of version, which is patient go to exam room, ask about meds, ask about allergies, collect some vital information.

It moves on to the physician and to the billing. You may have seen this little colorful gadget right here. This is the workflow, the red corresponds to clinical assistants and where vitals, meds, allergies and down here, blue corresponds to the physician; exam, assessment and treatment. Green here, makes sense, is billing and the happy path is all these black arrows and the exceptions are the red arrows and this model is probably only a third or a fourth as many of actual workflow task states in a sophisticated ambulatory, but I think it illustrates.

This model is something that’s in between the computer and the workflow engine, but it could be understood and executed. Over here, we have someone who isn’t a programmer who could understand that workflow and change it. This is the layer that’s missing in most traditional electronic health record documentation systems today. They are documentation systems, they are not workflow systems.

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