AMIA2014 Workflow Paper (Tuesday) Considerations of dual process theories for EHR design

(Quotes from 2014 AMIA proceedings that interest me due to workflow-related implications: Take me to my Workflow-Related #AMIA2014 Papers and Posters rationale!)

10:30 Tuesday

“Introduction In order to maximize the promise of EHRs, increasing attention is being focused on the redesign of the electronic health record.(1-­‐3) One major goal is to enhance the cognitive support of clinicians and workflow in order to improve the quality of care, enhance safety, and expand the usefulness of the EHR. Dual Process theories.(4, 5) posit two memory systems: 1) a network of associations that function through spreading activation to support rapid pattern-­‐matching (System 1); and 2) a slow, rule-­‐based, conscious system that functions through active reasoning (System 2). Both systems are continuous and simultaneous processes with humans generally motivated to preserve cognitive resources by avoiding System 2 processing, unless necessary.(4, 6, 7) Our goal is to expand the discussion of EHR design by reviewing the empirical psychological literature to incorporate a dual process a “matching hypothesis” for the design of decision support. We propose that maximizing rapid automatic processing is only the first step and that the next two priorities are to support higher levels of reasoning and the self-­‐ regulation of attention. Each issue is discussed below”


(Table: includes)

Support for Adaptive Control of Information Environment.

Rich Contextual Displays.

Goal-­‐based processing.

Planning and Action (Decision-­‐Making).

Support for Establishing Common Ground Across the Team

[CW: BTW all sterling qualities of workflow tech]

American Medical Informatics Association 2014 Proceedings

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