AMIA2014 Workflow Paper (Tuesday) Analyzing and Comparing Clinical Work Systems with Cognitive Work Analysis: Lessons Learned

(Quotes from 2014 AMIA proceedings that interest me due to workflow-related implications: Take me to my Workflow-Related #AMIA2014 Papers and Posters rationale!)

3:30 Tuesday

“Recent studies have shown that information and communication technologies, including electronic health records (EHRs), can negatively impact patient safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction when they are poorly tailored to the local work practices and contexts of ambulatory care. Yet little is known about how independent medical practices choose to handle external clinical information (received in paper, electronic, or verbal forms), and what sociotechnical capabilities and constraints shape these choices. This presentation describes the lessons we learned applying the Cognitive Systems Engineering framework of Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) to describe and compare four real-world clinical work systems that are used to handle external test results, referral communication, and outside care summaries.


CWA is a formative approach that analyzes work systems in terms of the domain constraints and capabilities that shape local work practices”

American Medical Informatics Association 2014 Proceedings

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