AMIA2014 Workflow Paper (Monday) Enhancing the TURF Framework with a Workflow Ontology

(Quotes from 2014 AMIA proceedings that interest me due to workflow-related implications: Take me to my Workflow-Related #AMIA2014 Papers and Posters rationale!)

1:45PM Monday

“The TURF Framework enables usability analysts evaluate EHRs by analyzing work tasks, users, representations, and functionality. Currently the TURF framework does not have a focus on evaluating clinical workflows across multiple tasks or across individuals. Because clinical workflows are vital to the successful implementation of an EHR, this study will augment the capabilities of the TURF usability framework by incorporating a workflow ontology. A novel feature of the workflow ontology is its use of Butler’s Cognitive Work Product (CWP), which complements the TURF framework through its ability to classify workflow actions and resources as contributing to the end goal of the workflow or as overhead. The combination of the TURF framework and the workflow ontology provides a more comprehensive method of evaluating the usability of EHRs.


Two pilot projects previously modeled with UML class and state diagrams serve as reference models to evaluate the resulting CWO models. By enhancing the TURF framework with the CWO, analysts will be able to leverage the logical reasoning capability of the CWO to accurately represent clinical workflows, classify activities as necessary or overhead, and identifying inconsistencies or errors in the modeled clinical workflow.


The clinical workflow ontology has the ability to represent workflows in a declarative fashion instead of a procedural fashion. This represents a novel way to represent workflows which mirrors the way clinical workflows occur. Future considerations for the ontology are to incorporate the ability to generate timings for different paths that a workflow can take and the ability to suggest representation methods for the data.”

American Medical Informatics Association 2014 Proceedings

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