Mr. RIMP Is Looking For Few Good Pediatricians & Child Life Specialists: Robot-In-Your-Pocket!

Mr. RIMP is a Bluetooth-controlled, user-customizable, animatronic “pocket-protector” for pediatricians and child-life specialists to entertain patients. We’re looking for a few good beta testers to help make @MrRIMP smarter, funnier, and nicer! You can contact us though this blog’s contact form or through my or @MrRIMP’s Twitter accounts.


Here’s a video of @MrRIMP 2.0 (yes, he has a Twitter account!) that @HIMSS blasted out to 50K+ twepes! Thanks @HIMSS!

I’m hard at work on @MrRIMP 3.0. Here’s 2.0 and a 3D-printed prototype body for 3.0. I control @MrRIMP from Google Glass (so can do a ventriloquist act) but intend for him to be controllable from iPhone and Android smartphones too.

If your interested in more demos and a longer explanation of what I and @MrRIMP are up to, here is my 15 minute standup routine at the Wearable Technology In Healthcare Conference. (Turn your sound up!)

October 21st @MrRIMP and I will also be appearing at the Wearables+Things Conference in Washington DC .


My long-term goal is to make @MrRIMP smaller, smoother, rounder, smarter, funnier, and nicer. We’re looking for a few good pediatrician and child life specialist beta testers! You can contact us though this blog’s contact form or through my (@wareFLO) or @MrRIMP’s Twitter accounts.

P.S. Feel free to use the Robot-In-My-Pocket logo and link back here! Or to Mr. RIMP’s website, when its available.


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