Xcite Health Pediatric EHR Webinar Features Ex EncounterPRO CMIO Dr. Webster On EHR Workflow

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Here’s the official webinar description:

Award-Winning Pediatric EHR Workflow System is
Back and Better than Ever

(My original title was “3-Time HIMSS Davies MU Stage 2 Pediatric EHR Workflow System Is Back!” but it was deemed to wordy. In retrospect, I agree: boo-boo!)

Torn from the headlines: “EHR Workflow Flaw Led to Initial Release of Ebola Patient.” Workflow has suddenly achieved its place in Health IT’s sun that Charles Webster, MD, MISE, MSIS has always believed it should. Dr. Webster, “Healthcare IT workflow & Business Process Management expert,” is a frequently quoted in the news about health IT workflow issues. On November 5th, at 12 noon EST, he will layout the ABCs of EHR workflow tech: workflow engine, workflow definitions, and workflow visibility. Following, Pediatrician Dr. George Rogu will describe exactly how a true EHR workflow system dramatically increases his productivity and patient satisfaction. This webinar appeal to pediatricians and other primary care physicians, plus anyone interested in healthcare workflow and workflow technology.

Here’s the webinar background:

Very influential on my thinking about EHR and health IT workflow and workflow technology was my experience as Chief Medical Informatics Officer for an EHR called the EncounterPRO Workflow System. During the 90s I developed the first medical informatics curriculum to equally emphasize medicine, computers, and business. When my wife moved from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, a hotbed for health IT, I went to the HIMSS conference in Atlanta, resume in hand. I looked at dozens of EHRs (yes, there were that many!) but didn’t like any of them. They were all basically Microsoft Office clones. Too much clicking! But then I saw the EncounterPRO EHR — big buttons, automatically presented screens, user-customizable workflows — the Industrial Engineer in me (MSIE, Illinois) realized I was looking at a classic workflow management system.

I loved my time at JMJ Technologies and then EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources. It was the perfect match between my own background (Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine) and the kind of true workflow automation that we see so little of in healthcare, until recently. Our customers won the first three ambulatory EHR HIMSS Davies Awards. (Unconfirmed rumor: judges picked us the fourth year too, but, well, you can understand how that made our competitors feel….)

I’ve moved on. I now do for an entire industry what I used to do for EncounterPRO, educate and market about healthcare workflow and workflow technology. I sometimes refer to myself as a CMIMO: Chief Medical Informatics Marketing Officer! :)

So I was delighted when I learned that the EncounterPRO Workflow System was rebranded as the XciteEHR from Xcite Health. And, (important), EncounterPRO/Xcite EHR just achieved Stage 2 Meaningful Use certification. If you know me, you know I have mixed feelings about MU (I can hear a couple chuckles out there). Nonetheless, Stage 2 MU certification is still an impressive technical and marketing achievement. Congratulations Xcite Health, for polishing a diamond-in-the-rough and the certification.

OK! That’s the background!

On November 5th, at 12 noon EST, I’m keynoting a webinar from Xcite Health. Basically I’ll be talking about what I always talk (and blog and tweet) about: workflow and workflow tech in healthcare. I’ve been convinced for years that “workflow” will join SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) as a “Big Idea.” But I didn’t know how: Ebola.

Inadvertent release of a patient infected with the Ebola virus was blamed on EHR workflow. Suddenly “EHR workflow” was everywhere on social media and health IT trade journal websites. As Dr. Workflow on Twitter, lots of folks contacted me for comments about what may have happened. You can read my series of blog posts here. So, what I’ll be talking about during my webinar with Xcite Health will be the ABCs of EHR workflow technology and their relevance to EHR workflow in the news. Then George Rogu, MD, pediatrician specializing in international adoption, will then talk about using a true EHR workflow system in pediatric practice.

P.S. I’m very active on Twitter at @wareFLO, where I tweet about healthcare workflow and workflow technology, and cat videos. If you’re a fellow or fellowess twepe, be sure to tweet me just before my webinar. I’m hoping to give a shout out! :)

P.S.S. Here’s the portrait version of the above banner announcing my webinar. Feel free to grab either and plaster them on your blog or tweet them out. Be sure to let me know, so I can return the favor. We Workflowists gotta stick together! Viva la workflow!


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