Youtube Recording of My Webinar on Ebola and EHR Workflow Engines, Editors, & Visibility

Missed the webinar! No prob! Here it is on Youtube! Cheers!

The hashtag is #EHRworkflowNov5.

This webinar is not just for physicians (the domain is pediatric workflow). It’s for patients, providers, payers, policy wonks, and politicians too. Literally everyone, who comes into contact with healthcare workflows and processes, is affected by our workflow-oblivous information systems! This webinar is not just relevant to Electronic Health Records either! The basics of workflow, workflow tech, workflow engines, editors, and visibility apply to all health IT information systems,

We (”workflowistas” on Twitter) are making remarkable strides in raising Health IT awareness about the importance of healthcare workflow and relevance of workflow technology. Unfortunately some of this progress is due to the unfolding tragedy of Ebola (missed) diagnoses and (mis) management. Whether or not EHR or human or some combination of workflow is to blame, EHR workflow has entered newspaper, cable news, and blogosphere headlines in a way not previously seen.


In this webinar, I’ll cover the basics:

  • What it workflow?
  • What is workflow technology?
  • What is a workflow engine?
  • What is a workflow editor?
  • What is workflow visibility?

And why healthcare so desperately needs the above, embedded in the EHRs and health IT systems we use daily.

Even if you already are a workflow expert, and know the above topics, I hope you’ll attend and show your support. I’m trying to make “workflow,” the problem, and “workflow tech,” the solution, into first-class health IT topics, up there with Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud.

Help coordinate and educate health IT about the process-aware angle on understanding and managing healthcare tangled workflow problems. Follow me on Twitter at @wareFLO or contact me with this blog’s contact form.

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