Happy National HIT Week From Mr RIMP! (Robot-In-My-Pocket/Patient Engagement Badge)

Mr. RIMP is an interactive “wearable robot” who (not “that”!) lives in physicians’ and child life specialists’ pockets. He’s designed to “engage” and thereby entertain and distract children from perhaps arduous circumstances. In fact, Mr. RIMP used to have a different name! Based on “Interactive Graphical Engagement Badge”, it was “Iggy, B”. This was based on a failed attempt to create an acronym based on the phrase “Patient Engagement Badge.” Mr. RIMP is so much happier now being called “Mr. RIMP”! :)

From YouTube description:

Mr RIMP (@MrRIMP) is a Bluetooth-controlled, 3D-printed wearable robot who lives in Dr. Chuck Webster’s pocket (@wareFLO). Kids, pediatricians and child life specialists love him. And HE loves Health Information Technology! He learned to say it as part of John Lynn’s social media project to celebrate National Health IT Week. Happy #NHITweek!

Many thanks to @HIMSS for tweeting MR. RIMP’s video (saying “I love Health Information Technology!”) out to over 50,000 Twitter followers!

P.S. Mr. RIMP is made of 3D printing, Arduino, and Bluetooth, and can talk to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. He’s a fun platform to explore what Dr. Webster calls “wearable workflow”. If you’d like to learn more about healthcare wearable workflow, checkout the webinar Wearable Workflow Requires Health Systems Engineering, or, better yet, attend the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference in February, Orlando. Dr. Webster will give a keynote on the subject. And Mr. RIMP might make a guest appearance!

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