Box Brings Cloud-Based, Intelligent, Open Workflow Engine to Healthcare

As King of All Workflow In Healthcare, I pay close attention to our increasingly porous borders with adjacent kingdoms. So-called SMAC technologies (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) are diffusing into healthcare. Along with them, process-aware technologies (workflow engines, business process management, adaptive case management) are arriving too. Therefore I’m particularly interested into Box, a popular online file sharing company, announcing at BoxWorks 2014 (ending today) both a workflow engine and secure healthcare initiatives.

Here’re some quotes and links:

“At BoxWorks 2014, Box detailed a new workflow management tool set to arrive next year as well as a new service that is essentially a custom-built Box platform for the retail, health care and media industries.”

“The service is essentially a customized version of the core Box platform that is tailored to meet the needs of a particular field. For example, Box for Industries for healthcare comes allows users to access content on their mobile devices that adheres to HIPAA standards and will help doctors collaborate with one another on research.”

“Box is initially launching in Retail, Healthcare, and Media & Entertainment, three industries where we’ve worked with launch customers and partners to co-design solutions for each market. We’re thrilled to be working with incredible brands like … Stanford Health Care, MD Anderson Center, and St Joseph Health for Healthcare”

“By combining our core content and collaboration capabilities with new automation and metadata features, we’re able to drive workflows built around your most important content and data….

  • Rules-based: Admins can drive specific tasks and actions based on a set of rules that touch actions, events and objects in Box. These rules are fundamental building blocks to building better business processes.
  • Intelligent: Because process is about the content, not just filenames and folders, you’ll be able to use Box’s machine learning algorithms to intelligently classify and recommend related documents with little to no manual intervention.
  • Open: Get direct access to content, collaboration, and metadata events through the Box V2 API. Enterprise developers, architects, systems integrators and ecosystem partners can build custom processes and products on top of the Box Platform.”

In fact, I don’t believe that Box announcing its workflow engine and foray into vertical industries, including healthcare, is a coincidence. The thing that most distinguishes vertical industries, especially healthcare, are their workflows! Thus, it is this customizable, rules-based, intelligent and open workflow automation that makes it possible to move from an horizontal application (file sharing) to a vertical application such as automating healthcare workflow.

I’ve frequently written about relevance to healthcare of Workflow-As-A-Service and cloud-based workflow engines and Business Process Management. If the folks who know clouds and workflow tech can assuage healthcare’s HIPAA-crats, this approach is going to (eventually) take off like gangbuster. I am certain routing for it to do so. Health IT and EHRs are notoriously workflow-oblivous. The faster we can move to truly process-aware platform foundations, the faster we’ll begin to master the usability, interoperability, and patient safety issues bedeviling health IT.

Here are today’s healthcare-specific presentations at BoxWorks 2014 in San Francisco.

11:45 PTZ

Box for Healthcare and Life Sciences
Speaker: Missy Krasner, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences
Bill Russell, St Joseph Health System
Monica Gupta, Stanford Health Care
Jeff Frey, MDAnderson
Derek Powell, Edwards Lifesciences
Room: 130-31
Level: Intermediate
Audience: IT, CIO/Business
The consumerization of IT backed by the evolution of the cloud is shaking up the healthcare and life sciences industry. This session will cover how healthcare providers and pharma companies are transforming the way they communicate and collaborate with internal and third parties, as well as how they are addressing HIPAA compliancy and data security.

1:30 PTZ

The Innovation Curve in Healthcare: New Technologies and Policy Implications
Speaker: Missy Krasner, Box Managing Director Healthcare and Life Sciences
Aneesh Chopra, Co-Founder Hunch Analytics Formerly at U.S. White House
Darren Dworkin, Cedars-Sinai Health System
Don Jones, Scripps Translational Science Institute, formerly at Qualcomm Life
Dr. David Langer, Lenox Hill Hospital, North Shore LIJ/ Hofstra School of Medicine
Room: 134
Level: Intermediate
With sweeping changes to healthcare delivery, policy and insurance in the United States, innovative health IT technologies are emerging to help providers and patients improve communication and coordination of care. We’ll answer questions like, where are we on the innovation curve regarding mass adoption by consumers? What is the next big thing in healthcare? Topics will range from new ways to procure insurance online, to consumer-mediated data sharing to remote monitoring and wearables.

By the way, re wearables, check out my free webinar on 9/16:
Wearable Workflow Needs Health Systems Engineering.

2:30 PTZ

Box Workflow: Doing More with Content in Box
Speaker: Annie Pearl, Box Sr. Product Manager, Governance
Justin Slaten, Netflix
Room: 130-31
Level: Advanced
Audience: CIO/VIP IT/Admin
Since we launched Policies and Automations earlier this year, we’ve made some awesome updates and added new capabilities. Bring your laptop and your Box account to this workshop. Get the inside scoop on the new process superpowers we’re unveiling through the rules engine in the Box platform.

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