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Health Systems Engineers Are, In Essence, Industrial Engineers By Another Name

I’m working on slides for my keynote at the Society for Health Systems February Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference in Orlando. (February, Orlando, that sounds nice!). The title of my talk is Wearable Workflow Needs Health Systems Engineering. I have a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois. That department is [...]

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Healthcare Services Platform Consortium Business Process Management Marketecture

Five years ago, when I set up this blog, I set myself the task of tracking diffusion of Business Process Management and related process-aware technologies into healthcare. I also aimed to educate and market the same, to accelerate transformation of workflow-oblivious health IT into true process-aware health IT. I’ve written and tweeted about IBM (IBM: [...]

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Confusing Workflow Technology With Workflow Is Like Confusing Your Database With Your Data

You wouldn’t confuse your baseball card collection with the Microsoft Access database management system you use to manage it. Or confuse your patients with your EHR. But people, especially in healthcare, confuse workflows with workflow management systems all the time. I’ve discussed this important distinction before (EMR Workflow Systems vs. EHR Workflow Management Systems). But [...]

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Thank You To All Who Tweeted About Healthcare Workflow, Wearables, BPM, and Flowcharting!

Do me a favor? Please retweet the following embedded tweet. Thank you very much! — Chuck
My new blog post: TY to My #HITsm Friends for Tweeting About Healthcare Workflow & Wearables!
— Charles Webster MD (@wareFLO) August 26, 2014

Last Friday, for my first time, I moderated one of the weekly 12-1 EST #HITsm [...]

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Friday August 22 12-1 EST Please Join The #HITsm Tweetchat About Workflow!

[August 18, 2014: Wil van der Aalst, author of many papers, chapters, and books about process-aware information systems, such as business process management and process mining, is generously donating one of his books (signed) to the person who tweets most (besides me!) during the 8/22 tweetchat! Please see my interview Could Dutch Computer Scientist Wil [...]

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