10 Top Uses For Google Glass In Health IT Marketing and PR

I can’t attend the Health IT Marketing and PR Conference now in its second day in Las Vegas, due to a long planned beach vacation. However, monitoring its tweets certainly stimulated a lot of ideas! Yesterday I wrote Wishing I Was At #HITMC (Pssst: Hey buddy, wanna buy some workflow?).

Since then I’ve been using my Google Glass to monitor and respond to tweets containing the #HITMC hashtag. That got me to thinking about the intersection between Glass and health IT marketing.

10. Monitor #HITMC and Respond to #HITMC Tweets While At the Beach

This is called a vignette. Whatever you happen to be looking at through Glass when you snap a photo can be embedded in the photo.

9. Stream Live Video From #HITMC Using LiveStream (Anyone at #HITMC have Glass? Use it!)

I’d love to be a fly on the wall, flitting from Glass headset to headset, listening to all the wonderful conversations at #HITMC!

8. Use Glass as a Shiny Object to Attract Attention and Traffic

While it may seem completely gratuitous, wearing Google Glass, especially a bright blue headset like mine, really does punch through the noise!

By the way, yes, I do have blue eyes. And, yes, my wife does say I look great in Glass. But the, well, she’s my wife, and she would say that, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling flattered (or writing about it here!).

7. Tweet One-Minute Video Interviews At Health IT Tradeshows

My favorite HatCam (now retired for Glass) video is my interview with a sleeping @TechGuy!

What a hoot, or snore, er, you know what I mean!

6. Pivot From Glass In Healthcare Angle To Your Product or Service

I actually think it’s hard to think of any area of healthcare where Glass cannot be of some interesting use. For an overview of the many areas where Glass can be used to improve healthcare workflow see my Slides, Notes, and Tweets for Google Glass and Healthcare Information and Workflow Presentation.

Regarding pivoting from Glass to your product, service, or idea, consider my own efforts to popularize workflow technology in healthcare. In an InformationWeek column, I compare Glass intelligent workflow to autocorrect, which, while sometimes funny (see below), actually save people lots of time and effort.

That’s exactly what workflow technology does, it saves users time and effort, and that’s exactly why healthcare needs workflow technology so much! See, that’s my pivot.

Just imagine whatever you care about can be improved with Glass. Write about it. Tweet about it. Get your hands on Glass to try them out and to stimulate your imagination. They’ll be out soon, retail and less expensive. Get a jump on your healthcare IT marketing and PR competition!

5. Record First-Person Point-Of-View Videos of Your Product or Service

For example, here is my first-person point-of-view experience of using a 3D printer (which I’d just assembled from a kit).

Notice what I’m printing: #HITsm. This is the hashtag for the weekly (Friday, noon EST) tweet chat about health IT. It stands for Health Information Technology Social Media.

4. Record Short Videos of @TechGuy On Social Media and Health IT

This is what I meant when I referred to product, service, or *idea*. In my case the idea is healthcare workflow technology. I’m trying to sell an idea, not just a product or service. But that’s just me. You may be the next big idea in healthcare. Use Glass to market it!

3. Learn from Google Glass Marketing: Combine Testing with Social Media

Some folks have criticized Google’s “marketing” of Glass. Early access “Explorers” are dorky. Glass looks dorky. Etc. Ignoring the idea that dorky is the new black, compare Google’s limited access release of Glass with Google’s limited access release of Gmail ten years ago. That limited release was, in retrospect, praised as “one of the best marketing decisions in tech history”.

Time will tell whether similar can be said of Glass. It is, after all, TWO YEARS OLD! And it’s STILL not available via consumer retail channels.

All I can say is what my Dad told me, “Plan the work, and work the plan.” As far as I can tell, looking in from outside, but as a member of the Glass beta testing “team”, even Glass’s inevitable bumps in the road seem to be being accommodated by Google slow-go, trim-the-sails-we-go beta testing and Gmailesque marketing strategy.

2. Write A Blog Post About Glass and Health IT Marketing and Tweet On The #HITMC Hashtag!

After all, you’re an elite health IT influencer, and you’re reading this blog post!

I love “meta” stuff. For example this blog post is really about itself…

1. Your call! What Is The Number One Use For Glass in Health IT Marketing and PR?

That’s what why this blog’s comments are for… I hope you think of something absolutely off-the-wall fantastic!

P.S. I’d like the thank @TechGuy and @ShahidNShahid for an incredible conference on Healthcare IT Marketing and PR. Even from three time zones away, on the opposite coast, it’s having a big effect on everyone monitoring it from afar.

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  1. Posted May 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    Glad you enjoyed the conference. Is Glass the Chuck Norris of tech marketing?

    I’ve been thinking of a way to market by giving my Google Glass away. Haven’t figured out the right way to do it yet. Not sure how to get a good bang for my buck, but put it in the hands of someone who will do more with it than I’ll do.

  2. chuckwebster
    Posted May 8, 2014 at 2:06 pm | Permalink

    Maybe you could loan it to intrepid Healthscene “iReporters” so you can be in two places at once!

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