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Good Overview of BPM Advantages To Which I Add Healthcare Relevance

I used to write press releases, so I know the challenges of describing complicated technology in simple and alluring ways. This press release, Red Hat Polishes Business Process Management Suite, caught my eye because it nicely summaries advantages of BPM and related tech I’ve been touting to healthcare for years.
“BPM software can automate [...]

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Some, Uh, “Interesting” Comments on EHRs: A Hard Pill To Swallow For Some Doctors

When I saw this tweet…
Electronic #health records still a point of contention in some provider's practices #healthcare #HIT
— Ben Miller (@miller7) March 11, 2014

….I knew, from past experience reading news articles about EHRs and patient experience, that there’d be, uh, some “interesting” comments. Here are just a few.
OH Don't worry doctors that don't [...]

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My Collected Usability And Workflow Posts

Slides, Notes, Tweets for My #SHS2014 (before #HIMSS14) Google Glass and Healthcare Information and Workflow Presentation
Usability: Who Knows EHR Users Better? Government or Users?
How Do We Get From Clickity-Click Checklists to Great EHR Workflow?
#EHRbacklash Isn’t About Electronic Health Records; It’s About Kludgy, Standalone, Workflow-Oblivious #EHR Applications
A Great Workshop about Diagnostic Error: A Multidisciplinary Exploration
User-Centered EHR [...]

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All My Google Glass & Healthcare Posts & Articles In One Place

Slides, Notes, Tweets for My #SHS2014 (before #HIMSS14) Google Glass and Healthcare Information and Workflow Presentation
After Thoughts On My Google Glass and Healthcare Workflow Presentation
Google Glass and the future of healthcare
Google Glass: Autocorrect For Your Life?
Google Glass: Longest possible video? What’s it like to wear? Can it empower patients? Other healthcare uses? [...]

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Day-By-Day, Hour-By-Hour, Comparison of HIMSS12, HIMSS13 & HIMSS14 Tweet Activity Starting Nine Days Before Conference

My new blog post > Graph Predicting Daily #HIMSS14 Tweet Volume Leading Up To @HIMSS 14 #HITsm
— Charles Webster, MD (@wareFLO) February 15, 2014

.@Brad_Justus @HIMSS14 @MandiBPro @HIMSS @Resultant @symplur recrunched #HIMSS14 data, 4sure big @dineshrs influence…
— Charles Webster, MD (@wareFLO) February 16, 2014

Yesterday's @symplur based Sunday-b4-Sunday #HIMSS14 hour-by-hour graphical tweet volume comparison [...]

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