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Why ICD-10? The “Most of What Government Does Isn’t Cost Effective Anyway” Defense

A.S.S. (4/2/14) Needless to tweet (but I’m sure to do so anyway), this blog post generated a lot of disagreement on Twitter. I’m prepending the choicest here, in what is called an “antescript.” In contrast to a postscript, it occurs at a document beginning. (Skip to blog post.)
@wareFLO yea, you &10k others knew ICD-10 would [...]

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Workflow, Healthcare’s Most Misunderstood Software (with Apologies to Dr Pepper)

I dedicate the following to workflow management advocates in healthcare…
There’s people out there who don’t understand us. They say we’re everything from message interfaces to user interfaces. Is it true? (NOOOO!) And you know and I know it but do they know it? Oh sure, there’s people that know about workflow. Because they manage it! [...]

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#HFES2014 International Symposium on Human Factors & Ergonomics in Healthcare

The 2014 International Symposium on Human Factors & Ergonomics in Healthcare is currently going on in my hometown Chicago, but I’m not there! Oh well, I’ll follow the excellent tweets containing the hashtag #HFES2014 (or is it #HFES…?). I’ll add some here, surrounded by commentary. As usual, I’ll focus on usability and workflow. Please [...]

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Cool Quotes About Cool Ideas From Cool Article About Google Glass “Inventor”

What a great introduction to Google Glass design and aims in the form of a focussed look at Thad Starner, who shepherded precursors to Glass for several decades!
I’ve followed Professor Starner in media and academic publication all the way from when he was a student at MIT. The Glass headset is way cool, but what [...]

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My Comments on the NIST Report on Integrating EHRs into Clinical Workflow

The National Institute of Standards and Technology just published the report Integrating Electronic Health Records into Clinical Workflow: An Application of Human Factors Modeling Methods to Ambulatory Care (archived). I’ve just skimmed it so far, but I wanted to publish this blog post stub as a sort of tickler for me (and anyone else who [...]

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