After Thoughts On My Google Glass and Healthcare Workflow Presentation

This post is mostly just a place to archive tweets, photos, videos, etc. from my presentation on Google Glass and Healthcare Workflow earlier today. Especially the tweets. Even if I favorite, well, I favorite so so many tweets they all become buried beneath each other.

That said, my overall impression was, well, for some reason the word “hilarity” comes to mind. Part of the reason is I am a naturally bombastic presenter, when presenting topics I love. I think audiences titter and giggle nervously, uncertain what havoc I might incur on them. But wasn’t just that.

My session was the last session of a three-day conference. The last session on the last day of a conference are notoriously ill-attended. Yet, this session was packed. Was it me? (I wish.) No, it was Glass. Folks were curious. Plus, in my abstract I said that I’d be bringing people up on stage (there was no stage, but you know what I mean). When that happened, when people put on Glass, with the Glass micro-display streamed to a big LCD monitor, well, I began to feel like the stage hypnotist brought in for comic relief.

By the way, there was plenty of really good material (slides and speaker’s notes here), but I flew through it in 25 minutes so we could spend 25 minutes on personal demos. Then, after the presentation, I stuck around for another 40 minutes everyone got a minimum of two minutes of Glass on their head: navigating, swiping, asking Glass questions, taking pictures, and accidentally shooting short videos (see below). Someone even accidentally sent my Mom a picture! (also see below).

Basically, the word “hilarity” comes to mind because folks were tired, a little punchy, relieved perhaps to wrap things up, but combined with something that is, in my view, an intrinsically joyful experience. The favorite thing, to me, that people say, when they put on Glass for the first time?


PS Here’s eleven seconds of accidentally shot video.

Yes, I know, Glass is Android 4.0.3, not 4.0.2.

Also, see below, when I hand over Glass, and folks start experimenting, they accidentally email and tweet all kinds of things!

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