I, HIMSS14 Social Media Ambassador, Command You to Submit A Post to the HIMSS14 Blog Carnival

A big Thank You to HIMSS for allowing me to attend their upcoming annual conference in Orlando, as a member of the press! Well, according to their email, I get “access to the same amenities as those who are attending HIMSS as press” — close enough!


As (a) HIMSS Social Media Ambassador, I wave my scepter in your general direction and humbly encourage you to submit a post. Here are the general categories and topics…

  • Why Health IT Matters to Consumers
  • The Value of Health IT
  • Best in Show
  • Looking Back at HIMSS14

For instruction on how to submit your blog post, head on over to A Team of Social Media Ambassadors Step Up To Lead the HIMSS14 Blog Carnival on the HIMSS14 conference website.

Here’s my HIMSS Blog Carnival post from last year. It’s about clinical business intelligence and process mining time-stamped workflow data. As a result of the post, lots of folks contacted me to discuss and network. Whatever you’re passionate about, I hope (not command, that was just link bait) you’ll put your best virtual foot forward and participate in the HIMSS14 Blog Carnival. It’ll be sure to get lots of traffic and attention.

You can also be sure I’ll be tweeting up a storm at this year’s HIMSS14 in Orlando. Here’s my report on Twitter analytics from last year’s HIMSS13. Will I be able to top myself? :) I’m bringing several sets of Google Glass to HIMSS14, to conduct my infamous One-Minute Interview videos, which I’ll tweet with the #HIMSS14 hashtag on the spot. I’ve done this for several years using my HatCams, Bluetooth cameras clipped to ball caps. Here are some examples of One-Minute Interviews from #HIMSS12.

@MichaelGaspar on “Can social media save the universe?”

@HIMSSwebguy on social media and customer service.

The HatCams are retired now. But here they are welcoming my old (version one) Glass to the family. It was boring shale.

I’m bringing two version two Glass headsets (bright blue and distinguished charcoal) to give Glass demos. As a Glass Explorer since June, it’s sort of my responsibility to do so. I’ve given hundreds of two-minute demos, in which I hand over Glass and let you experience it yourself. Here’s the tweet that got my Glass in the first place.

Note the HIMSS One-Minute Interview connection. 1000s was an exaggeration, but maybe 100s is not! Hmm, if I hand over Glass to each person I interview then they could video me videoing them videoing me…. ow … that makes my head hurt just thinking about it (recursion does that to me). Besides Glass I’ll also bring some other incredibly cool shiny objects to entertain and amaze … :)

Follow me on Twitter at @wareFLO. You won’t want to miss a thing!

See you at #HIMSS14!

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