Booth City: A Picture Tour Down “Main Street” at HIMSS14

A sociologist should write a book called “Booth City” about exhibit floors such at the almost half-million square feet at HIMSS14. They spring up overnight, just like in a gold rush. The sound of construction fills the air. Opening day, everyone is so excited. The streets and thoroughfares are crowded. Proprietors proudly man and woman their posts. Then, as time goes on, folks begin to think about moving on. Finally, when everything is torn down, the sound of tape (which held everything together!) fills the air with shrieks, as if the jungle has come to reclaim its space.


So I walked “Main Street” all the way from 100 to 8600, snapping Google Glass photos as I went. I’d compare it to Lewis and Clark, except that would be mixing metaphors. Ultimately, I’ll embed the tweeted photos here. But for now, this post is just a bit of explanatory context, as to why is @wareFLO tweeting those photos?!

P.S. One more thing. Every year I scour HIMSS exhibitor websites, looking for evidence of diffusion of workflow technology into healthcare. I tweet about it and sometimes folks tweet back. That cannot but help influence who’s booths I feature in this series….

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