Slide 6: Google Glass Explorer, 2000 #Google Glass Tweets, HIMSS Davies Award

(Take me to the beginning of these slides, from my Society for Health Systems Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference presentation on Google Glass and health IT workflow, immediately before HIMSS14. Text accompanying slides is colloquial because it was transcribed from audio recording.)


I’ll skip this slide (in the oral presentation). If you go to my Google Glass “iceberg” (the 90% of presentation-related content online), there are (these) speaker notes.

(Hello, did you arrive here due my presentation, and decided to drill down to my occasionally skipped over speaker notes? Welcome! If not, welcome too!

As I indicated earlier, I’m one to the first, early Google Glass Explorers. I took a train to NYC to Google’s headquarters. Truth be told, I didn’t initially like glass much, because they didn’t fit over my glasses well. But then I visited a dozen eyeglass shops, with Glass in hand, and got fit with these glasses that fit with Glass perfectly. Glass now has prescription options available but I actually continue to favor what I have. I can continue to take them off and hand them to folks and coach them through one of my hundreds of two-minute Glass demos.

I do think I have a unique perspective on Glass and healthcare workflow: degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science, and, of course, Medicine. I tweet a lot about Glass and healthcare and workflow. In fact, I searched through those tweets in preparing these slides. During my Industrial Engineering degree I studied both workflow and human factors, relevant to EHRs, health IT, and Glass in healthcare. Finally, it may be a record, but I co-wrote three wining HIMSS Davies Awards applications for use of ambulatory EHR. These applications are still on line and include lots of workflow related content, some of which is relevant to the presentation.

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