Slide 22: Design For Google Glass: Keep It Out Of The Way!

(Take me to the beginning of these slides, from my Society for Health Systems Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference presentation on Google Glass and health IT workflow, immediately before HIMSS14. Text accompanying slides is colloquial because it was transcribed from audio recording.)


If you go to @GoogleGlass on Twitter, it simply says “Getting technology out of the way”. And, it you think about it, given that the Glass micro display is only 640 by 360 pixels, with a minimum pixel font of 26, Glass can only display about one percent of what a 1600 by 1200 display can display. Add in the idea that glass is off most of the time, only becomes proactive when it is certain, by some means, that you need a certain tidbit of info or action initiation option. Therefore all of Google’s Glass user guidelines are about respecting these constraints. In fact the first “Design for Glass” are really an umbrella restatement of the next three admonishments. Don’t get in the way, keep it timely, AKA relevant, and don’t do anything unexpected. I think these are all really different ways of saying the same thing: offer all and only relevant info and options moment to moment. If only all EHRs and health information systems religiously followed these guidelines!

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