Slide 16-17: The First D (Dashboards): Google Glass Patient Arrivals and Initial Impressions

(Take me to the beginning of these slides, from my Society for Health Systems Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference presentation on Google Glass and health IT workflow, immediately before HIMSS14. Text accompanying slides is colloquial because it was transcribed from audio recording.)


The Five Ds of Google Glass and EHR workflow are straightforward. Dashboards, are summaries of initially relevant data, of both patients and waiting tasks to be done.

Here’s an example of what I mean. This is a screen from a prototype I worked on. EHRs increasingly have what usability engineers called radar views, sometimes called office views in EHRs. It’s a list of tasks waiting to be done, how long, color coded who or what role in responsible. They’re basically an evolution of multicolor exam room door light signally systems. This app would update in real time, and just be a swipe away from Glass home screen. One could also image it being omni present until provider enters an exam room. The bluetooth beacon could then trigger a switch to information about the waiting patient.

There are to programming platforms for Glass, one is basically a web app running in the Google cloud, the other is native android on the device. As I did the proof of concept on the cloud, and the cloud is not hipaa compliant, eventually I set it assign. Native android apps, done right, do not rely on Google’s Glass Mirror API, and so do not necessarily suffer from this disadvantage. However, on could recreate this as a native Glass app, so it was a useful envisioning exercise.


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