Slide 13: How Will Google Glass Be Received By Providers and Patients

(Take me to the beginning of these slides, from my Society for Health Systems Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference presentation on Google Glass and health IT workflow, immediately before HIMSS14. Text accompanying slides is colloquial because it was transcribed from audio recording.)


How will Glass … Be Received?

…Be received?
…Will healthcare use Glass?
…Patient react to Glass?
…Providers react to patients wearing Glass?

People’s reactions to people wearing Glass is the biggest wild card in whether Glass will be termed a success. Battery life, speakers, will all improve or provide workarounds. But issues of privacy and etiquette will determine whether Glass is a success in healthcare. I know of physicians who’ve said they’ll ban Glass from their clinics, and patient advocates advocating boycotts of physicians using Glass. They are a very small minority, but that they exist at all is telling. I’ll cover how Glass might be used in healthcare in just a moment.

I think most patients will simply accept Glass as a medical tool intended to help them get or stay well. Remember the big circular mirror physicians used to wear on their forehead. It was actually a symbol of medical expertise for a way.

I’m not actually going to answer these questions, simply highlight them as the most strategic questions to ask.

On to Google Glass and healthcare workflow!

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