Slide 11: Google Glass Intelligent Timeline: Personal and Product

(Take me to the beginning of these slides, from my Society for Health Systems Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference presentation on Google Glass and health IT workflow, immediately before HIMSS14. Text accompanying slides is colloquial because it was transcribed from audio recording.)


When is Glass?

There are two senses to the question “When is Glass?”. There’s the “when” in terms of your personal timeline of cards plus schedule and calendar. Glass wants to use information about upcoming concerts for which you’ve bought tickets, flights home, etc. to proactively offer up info such as how to get to the concert or airport. The second sense of when is the Glass product time line. I’ve already mentioned some of that time line, the developers in late 2013, explorers early 2014, the rest of us sometime later this year (presumably). I’ve hear predictions of retail release as early as just prior to the last years Christmas holidays and as late just prior to this year’s Christmas holidays. I don’t believe Google will release Glass unless they are sure it will be a success. So there is still a possibility based on their market research and user feedback it might not even emerge in 2014, but I highly doubt that.

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