Slide 1: Google Glass and Healthcare Information and Workflow


Thank you for attending this session on Google Glass and Healthcare Information and Workflow!

I’m Chuck Webster, I’ve had Glass since June, and I’m delighted to be here at the Society for Health Systems Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference.

By the way, this slide presentation is just the tip of an online iceberg you can get to via this short URL

The very best to way to understand Glass is to try it on and interact with it for a couple minutes. You’ll get more out of that than me showing and talking about slides for 50 minutes. Therefore, my slides are very high level and I will fly though them, so I can get to the important part, where I’m going to ask for folks to come up here and try out Glass, while the rest of us look on. Afterwards, I’ll hang around in the hall to continue the personal demos. And all through the rest of this conference, and for the HIMSS conference immediately on the heels of this conference. If you see me, please stop me and ask for a demo. While I don’t have a contractual obligation with Google, I do have an implicit understood obligation to educate everyone about Glass, and these two-minute personal demos, of which I’ve participated in several hundreds, really are the very best too educate, short of actually owning Glass.

Completely gratuitous, I know, but I’m a farm boy from Illinois…

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