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A Twitter Retrospective: #HIMSS14 Turned It Up To Eleven! On- And Off-Line!

There’s a scene in This Is Spinal Tap where an amp has a sound volume control that goes past 10, to 11. It’s become a meme and metaphor for anything being exploited to its utmost abilities, or apparently exceeding them. #HIMSS14 exceeded itself.

I’m not going to put a lot of analysis into this blog [...]

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I’m Giving Away One Google Glass Invite To A HIMSS14 Attendee

I got my Glass in June. Since then I’ve given away 15 Glass invites. The last 12 invites I gave away in a contest to see who had the best idea about improving workflow in healthcare. I have one more invite to give to a HIMSS14 attendee who tweets me (@wareFLO) their best idea [...]

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I Wear Google Glass While Being Interviewed at #HIMSS14

I just used Google Glass to record my perspective while being video interviewed at HIMSS14!
I explain my passion for workflow (tech) in healthcare, the origin of my Twitter name @wareFLO, and what I want to see next year at HIMSS15.

I’ll update this post when the “other” video interview becomes available.

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Booth City: A Picture Tour Down “Main Street” at HIMSS14

A sociologist should write a book called “Booth City” about exhibit floors such at the almost half-million square feet at HIMSS14. They spring up overnight, just like in a gold rush. The sound of construction fills the air. Opening day, everyone is so excited. The streets and thoroughfares are crowded. Proprietors proudly man and woman [...]

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After Thoughts On My Google Glass and Healthcare Workflow Presentation

This post is mostly just a place to archive tweets, photos, videos, etc. from my presentation on Google Glass and Healthcare Workflow earlier today. Especially the tweets. Even if I favorite, well, I favorite so so many tweets they all become buried beneath each other.
Good crowd earlier at my #GoogleGlass & Healthcare Workflow [...]

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