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3D Printer Out-of-Box Experience Recorded as Google Glass Video

My 3D printer arrived! I shot its Out-Of-The-Box Experience using my Google Glass. It’s ten minutes long! That’s because it’s a kit I have to assemble.

By the way, in the video I mention I read it took three Ph.D. scientists and two engineers eight hours to assemble the printer. To be fair, I read [...]

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Workflow + EHR + Activity-Based Knowledge Management

From Matthew Loxton’s (@MLoxton) Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Blog … enjoy!
[The Emergency Room] is a compression zone in the flow of patients, since many routes lead into ER, and frequently the wisest course when in doubt over severity and acuity of a condition, is to process them through the ER just in case the [...]

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National Mall Google Glass Video Walk Through Snowstorm Janus In Washington DC

Google Glass works great in low 20-degree weather, as I proved today when I walked from the US Capitol to the Washington Monument in Snowstorm Janus. It took about 20 minutes and I encountered tourists, dogs, snowballs, snow angels, reporters, and even a museum alarm (plus a guy running away: exciting). Along the way I [...]

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OMG! Plagiarism In The Health IT Online Community? I’m Delighted!

I’ve heard that “Plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery” and I’ve finally been flattered! I had writer’s block this morning, until a routine search turned up 5 EHR Workflow Flaws To Watch Out For. Fantastic! Wait. Didn’t I just write an article with the same title?

And there it was! Identical ideas and organization, somewhat [...]

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Tweeted Photos From My St. Thomas US Virgin Islands Vacation

I just got back from a fun vacation in St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands. I tweeted lots of photos. This is just a blog post to collect them in one place so I can send them to folks not on Twitter or who don’t read every one of my tweets. (Is that possible?). [...]

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