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Usability: Who Knows EHR Users Better? Government or Users?

There was a rip-roaring discussion about how to get to more usable EHRs on EMRandEHR this last week. Of course, I added my two cents. One of the questions that arose was who is more “mature” about EHR usability? The government or the market?
Here is my response:
I am familiar with government successes (and [...]

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Health IT User, Developer or Patient? Workflowista? I’m Giving Away A Bunch of Google Glass Invites!

That’s it! All gone. It was a lot of fun. And I especially like that I didn’t have to make any difficult decisions. Everyone with a good reason to get a Google Glass invite got an Google Glass invite. 12 in all!
12/19/13 3:30 EST
Three more Google Glass Invites just went out, for a total [...]

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