Enterprise Process and Workflow Automation to Enable Coordinated Healthcare

One of the best ways to predict the new future, technology-wise, is to watch job listings. I pay attention to job ads involving workflow and/or workflow technology in healthcare. The following job listing (just excerpts, see original) is consistent with what I’ve been writing and tweeting about workflow, business process management and healthcare. Bolded material is my added emphasis.

I so delighted to see this direction being taken by more and more health IT organizations.

“West Health is an independent, one-of-a-kind initiative whose mission is to lower health care costs by creating innovative, patient-centered solutions that deliver the right care at the right place at the right time….

A prioritized strategy of West Health is the development of a cost-lowering, health care ecosystem architecture that drives “low-end, disruptive” innovation into the current state of US health care. We call this WESTECH; an acronym for “Wireless Engagement Systems That Enable Coordinated Healthcare”. This vision is intended to shift historical supplier power to the consumer, as has happened in other industries (e.g., retail shopping, banking, travel and entertainment). The WESTECH team will develop a patient-centric, cloud-based, digital analytics/triage and communications/logistics engine. This will enable the shifting of the caregiver, the site of care and the time of diagnosis/treatment of chronic disease…. (see http://www.westhealth.org/institute/our-priorities/westech)

West Health Institute is looking for a creative and hands-on BPM Architect with expertise in BPM tools and workflow automation to lead the development and implementation of a BPM and process solution across the healthcare industry. This is an excellent opportunity to help define and launch an emerging field and work across all aspects of Medical and Clinical Informatics, Connectivity, Networking and Process software….

The BPM Architect will be responsible for the design and coding of a web-based process automation platform. The position is responsible for different aspects of clinical workflow protocols as well as process modeling within the health care enterprise. The candidate must be able to adapt quickly to different web software, protocols, workflow and process automation, algorithms, solutions, interfaces and techniques. He/she will interface with other third party clinical teams and review standards to contribute to ground-breaking prototypes and software designs. He/she will be also responsible for staying informed with the latest developments and standards in web technology, process automation and medical informatics….”

Delighted! I look forward to seeing and hearing about the process-aware ecosystems and platforms West Health aims to create.

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