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How Do We Get From Clickity-Click Checklists to Great EHR Workflow?

Periodically I “repatriate” lengthy comments I’ve made to other blog posts. Especially when a comment lacks a permalink, so I can’t refer to it on Twitter. Today’s opportunity presented itself in the form of online discussion of Why A Patient’s Story Matters More Than A Computer Checklist.
The stimulus for this repatriation was the following… [...]

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Enterprise Process and Workflow Automation to Enable Coordinated Healthcare

One of the best ways to predict the new future, technology-wise, is to watch job listings. I pay attention to job ads involving workflow and/or workflow technology in healthcare. The following job listing (just excerpts, see original) is consistent with what I’ve been writing and tweeting about workflow, business process management and healthcare. Bolded material [...]

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My Upcoming Presentation: Google Glass & Healthcare Information & Workflow

February 23rd, in Orlando, I’m presenting about Google Glass and healthcare workflow (and demoing, that’s the exciting part, see below) at the Society for Health Systems meeting. The name of the conference is Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2014 and is so appropriate. Glass has great potential to improve both provider AND patient workflows and [...]

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Healthcare and BPM: 10 Questions for Quest Diagnostics and ChartMaxx on Appian Partnership

I’ve giving presenting a free webinar on November 6 at 2 EST about Enterprise Content Management & Business Process Management: A Healthcare Game Changer. I’m taking advantage to continue to press for more use of business process management technology in healthcare. I’m also taking advantage of this opportunity to pepper Quest Diagnostics (@QuestDX) and the [...]

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