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I Finally Found The Perfect Prescription Glasses For My Google Glass!

They don’t look like anything special. And they’re not. Except I looked through a dozen eyeglass stores until I found frames that perfectly accommodated four (four! not just three!) points of solid, comfortable contact (two on the left, two on the right, front and back), with Google Glass. You’ll notice that Glass rests perfectly parallel [...]

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“Workflow” at the Health IT Standards Committee Implementation/Usability Hearing July 23rd in Washington DC

The Health IT Standards Committee Health IT Implementation/Usability Hearing (agenda) was held today (July 23rd, 2013) in Washington DC. There’s lot of material posted online pertaining to the hearing, PowerPoints, position papers, questions and answers, etc. As I always do, when it comes to EHR and Health IT usability, I search through everything to find [...]

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Citizen-Soldier, Citizen-Developer, User-Programmer, Physician-Informaticist

I’ve argued that EHR and health IT workflow needs to become more open, transparent, and systematically improvable. And that the best candidate tech to make this possible is workflow technology, AKA workflow management systems, business process management suites, or dynamic or adaptive case management software. In a draft blog post I made an analogy between [...]

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