Google Glass Welcomed to the HatCam Family and @wareFLO

Saturday I took the train to New York to pick up my Google Glass, as part of the Glass Explorers program. Back in February I’d tweeted … got a reply in March.

Then I got a DM a couple weeks ago. Around health IT conferences I’m the “HatCam Guy.” So I’m already used to walking around with a camera or two on my head. I wonder if that had anything to do with getting into the Glass Explorers program, but if it did, I’m sure glad for it.

Here are my HatCams rolling out the red carpet, welcoming Google Glass to the family.


I need a couple weeks living with Glass before I can give it an adequate assessment (but so far, very good!). Look for my detailed reaction here or on my blog at

Let me say now, from what I have come to understand about Glass from reading hundreds of blog posts, news articles, tweets, and technical documentation, Glass has big workflow implications for healthcare. I’ll not steal my own thunder regarding that, so stay tuned. But the thunder will likely be good, since I was prompted to change my Twitter account name from @EHRworkflow to @wareFLO. I also created a new website to put up future content about Google Glass and related technologies. Nothing much there yet, but keep an “eye” on it!


I’ve been thinking of changing my Twitter handle away from the EHR part of @EHRworkflow for quite a while. I focused on the topic for years, given lots of presentations, written lots of blog posts, and tweeted lots of tweets. But the healthcare workflow “action” is gradually moved out of the EHR and into a host of technologies that interact with EHRs, or go around them altogether. I scratched that surface in my post The Power of Process and the Future of Health IT.

“wareFLO” is both a portmanteau and a pun. A portmanteau combines meanings from different words. wareFLO could mean “software workflow”, software that implements workflow or workflow between and among software applications (getting at both interoperability and usability). It’s a pun for “wearFLO” as in wearable workflow tech. It can mean “Glassware workflow”. Google Glass software has a very interesting architecture from a workflow technology perspective. Then there’s flow as in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s optimal psychological flow (BTW, I used to hang out with one of his grad students!). Finally, (or maybe not finally, if I think of any other associations) there’s “Where flow?” the question. Where do you want to go, or flow, in general and right now?

But I won’t wait to tweet, a lot, about Google Glass, and various and sundry idiosyncratic passions, from my newly renamed Twitter account: @wareFLO.

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