Thank You to Everyone Who Made Yesterday’s Healthcare Workflow/BPM Webinar a Success!

[The webinar is now past, but you can watch it on YouTube! Chuck Webster MD on “The Power of Process: Workflow, BPM & Healthcare” A Webinar.]

I greatly enjoyed delivering yesterday’s webinar The Power of Process: Workflow Automation, BPM, and Healthcare, with Shawn Curtiss of FormFast.

That is to be expected, as I like to listen to myself speak. But I also appreciated and greatly enjoyed interactions with my fellow Twitterati before, during and after. The Webinar itself will be reused and repurposed in a variety of ways. Here I just want to express my thanks to my fellow twepes for showing up and, more important, tweeting!

Some folks who could not attend. I’ll post a link to recording of Webinar here when it becomes available.

By the way, there were also some excellent backchannel discussions by DM. And the questions during the webinar were excellent! Who should be workflow champions? What is the relationship between workflow automation and knowledge management? What about clinicians who say their clinical processes are too unpredictable? How to deal with the wide variety of un-interfaced health IT systems? What’s the connection between BPM and Lean? And more! I’ll try to work those into whatever I repurpose from the webinar for this and related blogs (check out my Healthcare Business Process Management Blog and People and Organizations improving Healthcare with Information Technology).

I’d also like to thank Nathaniel Palmer (@nathanielpalmer), Layna Fischer (@bpmbooks), and Keith Swenson (@swensonkeith), stellar lights in the workflow management systems, business process management, and adaptive case management industry for publicizing the webinar. Here’s a screenshot (lower right)!


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