May 23rd I’m Giving a Free Webinar “The Power of Process” on Workflow Automation, BPM and Healthcare

[The webinar is now past, but you can watch it on YouTube! Chuck Webster MD on “The Power of Process: Workflow, BPM & Healthcare” A Webinar.]

Process-aware technology is invading healthcare by many routes. Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Language technologies promise to transform healthcare information management for the better. What do they all have in common? I argue it’s behind-the-scenes workflow automation.

Less behind-the-scenes (in other industries) is business process management’s mighty combo of workflow engine, process definition, and graphical editor. Investment in BPM tech is predicted to grow at three times the rate as other industries, mostly because they’ve invested so much already, while healthcare has not.

On May 23rd, at 12:00 noon (EST), I’ve been given a bully pulpit to proselytize for process-aware information systems in healthcare. Thank you FormFast! By the way, FormFast is a POW!HIT! profile (POW!(er)HIT!(tter)?) on my website extension to my Twitter @wareflo account.

My 45-minute portion of “The Power of Process” is a general introduction (not product-specific) to process-aware workflow management systems and business process management systems in healthcare.

I want to make “The Power of Process” as social as possible. If you follow me on Twitter (or are on Twitter and don’t follow me, for that matter) please let me know you signed up, and then just before the webinar begins. I’ll tweet a shout out!

Below is the webinar description and link to register.

My updated “poster” with three slides!:


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Register for “The Power of Process”, part of the FormFast Educational Webinar Series

The Power of Process

As healthcare organizations seek to maximize quality and protect revenue, they have discovered that simply investing in new technologies is not enough to get the results they require. It’s imperative that hospital leaders go the extra mile to analyze and improve the processes that drive the hospital.

Meaningful process improvement can be achieved through workflow automation and business process management (BPM), and their benefits aren’t just limited to clinical areas of the hospital. By automating tasks across the enterprise including supporting and operational processes, the hospital could realize significant cost savings and reduction in liability.

Join us for a free web event featuring healthcare thought leader Charles Webster, MD as he shares his insights into ways hospital leaders can take the next steps toward complete automation.

  • In this webinar, we’ll explore:
  • The need for workflow/BPM in healthcare
  • How other verticals are using these technologies to their benefit
  • Use cases in the clinical space
  • Use cases concerning supporting/operational processes
  • First steps to implementing workflow/BPM

About our Featured Speaker

Charles Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS is a prolific thought leader in the health and health IT space. Noted by Healthcare IT News as one of the most important bloggers in the healthcare IT community and one of the most active health IT leaders on Twitter, Chuck is known to have his finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry. At the recent HIMSS conference in New Orleans his @EHRworkflow Twitter account was the top influencer on Twitter. You can read his blog, EHR Workflow Management Systems, at and follow him on Twitter at

With degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine, Dr. Webster’s wide range of expertise gives him a unique and comprehensive view into the healthcare sector. He designed the first undergraduate program in Medical Informatics, was CMIO for an EHR vendor, and wrote the first three award-winning case studies submitted for the HIMSS Davies Award for EHR Ambulatory Excellence. Chuck writes about healthcare workflow and related and unrelated topics from @wareFLO on Twitter,, and DMV: the District, Maryland, and Virginia.

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