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H-EHR-T Healthy EHR Doesn’t Give Physicians Heartburn! Happy Valentines Day!

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H-EHR-T stands for Healthy Electronic Health Records Technology. I’m getting pretty good at catchy acronyms. Checkout S.Y.S.T.E.M., which stands for Saves You Substantial Time, Effort, and Money. Anyway, I had a Twitter convo with @SmyrnaGirl leading to her EHR Valentines Day post. So I might as well write one too!

There’s not much [...]

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S.Y.S.T.E.M.: An EHR should… Save You Substantial Time, Effort, and Money

I’m reposting a blog post from EMR Thoughts that reposted my comment on EMR and EHR. (Now, if someone reposts this blog post, how confusing!).

In my post on points of differentiation for EHR companies, Charles Webster MD MSIE MSIS recently created an acronym to talk about how EHR’s should save you time, effort and money. [...]

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Meaningful Use: There was NO WARNING of its ARRIVAL! It had no MERCY! It gave NO QUARTER!

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Is there an #EHRbacklash brewing? @ehrworkflow @reasobbob Or is it just another hashtag?
— Tom Sullivan (@GovHITeditor) February 19, 2013

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Am I making fun of Meaningful Use?
Am I making fun of the debate surrounding Meaningful Use?
Am I engaged in an elaborate ploy to get more Twitter [...]

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Workflow Tactics Deployed in Health Care Remain Stuck About 10-15 Years Behind the Times

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Some of the best writing and insights on the web are comments. They get buried, below the fold, in web-speak borrowed from the newspaper world. For example, @bobbygvegas’s comment, about EHR workflow, on 6 Ways AHRQ Will Study EHRs, Workflow, struck a chord with me. (I wonder if Bobby being musically inclined has [...]

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