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Cloud Computing and Big Data: Looking for Healthcare Workflow

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Last week I attended the Cloud Computing and Big Data Forum & Workshop at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. While conference was not about healthcare or workflow per se, cloud computing and big data are obviously relevant to healthcare. I tweeted generally about cloud computing and big [...]

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Can Healthcare Really Have Both Consistent and Flexible Information Systems?

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From my recent chapter published in How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done:
Physicians complain about having to hew to what their EHR vendor thinks their workflows should be. It ought to be up to users (or at least someone who knows their workflows) to decide how consistent or flexible they’d like their software to [...]

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Twitter Reacts to New York Times’ “In Second Look, Few Savings From Digital Health Records”: An Informal Sentiment Analysis

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[Nota bene! This post would load too slowly if I included all 200 embedded tweets here. You'll find them at Rand Tweets.]
If you’re a business these days and you’re not monitoring what people on social media are saying about you and your product or service, you’re making a mistake. The same is true [...]

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Meaningful Use, Workflow Burdens, and the “Broken Iron Triangle” Software Development Anti-Pattern

Process-aware information systems — workflow management systems, business process management, and adaptive case management — are relevant to meaningful use. The relevance deserves a longer blog post than this. But I can’t resist reposting a Google Plus comment I made to Brian Ahier’s G+ post What It Will Take To Achieve The As-Yet-Unfulfilled Promises Of [...]

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Natural Language Processing and Healthcare Workflow: Interview with M*Modal’s Chief Scientist Juergen Fritsch, Ph.D.

Here’s a fantastic video and written interview with Juergen Fritsch, Ph.D. of M*Modal. M*Modal is a leading provider of clinical transcription services, clinical documentation workflow solutions, advanced cloud-based speech understanding technology and advanced unstructured data analytics. Juergen is Chief Scientist at M*Modal. (Sounds fun!)
Juergen’s insightful responses, to my in-the-weeds questions about language technology and healthcare [...]

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