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Video and Written Q & A with First-Ranked #HIT100 @EMRAnswers Linda Stotsky

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This week I got to sit down (virtually speaking) and talk shop with Linda of @EMRAnswers Twitter fame. She’s the number-one-ranked Twitterian on Michael Planchart’s #HIT100 list of heavy twitters. Since I know Linda mostly (actually solely!) through following each other and interacting on Twitter, and since [...]

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Process Support and Knowledge Representation in Health Care: New Book!

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As you can tell from this blog’s title (EHR Workflow Management Systems) and my Twitter account (@EHRworkflow), I think health IT and workflow technology is a great match. Many EHR (and related HIT) weaknesses are mirrored by business process management (BPM and related tech) strengths (for example, [...]

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Fixing Our Health IT Mess: Are Business Models or Technology Models to Blame?

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You may not agree with me that Health IT is a mess. Check out my sentiment analysis of Twitter’s reaction to the New York Times coverage of the recent RAND report. You’ll at least agree that many people do agree with me.
That said, reasons offered for the mess are all over the map. [...]

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Siemens Healthcare Uses TIBCO Business Process Management and Complex-Event Processing to Save Lives

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Siemens Healthcare has been a pioneer in bringing business process management technology to healthcare, starting with the Soarian hospital EHR workflow management system over a decade ago. I’ve written about Soarian and Siemens here in my EHR Workflow Management Systems blog. I included material about Siemens Soarian in my three-hour tutorial on EHR [...]

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Could Dutch Computer Scientist Wil van der Aalst Save U.S. Healthcare 600 Billion Dollars?

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Prof. Wil van der Aalst is not a health economist studying cost, a surgeon promoting safety, or a pediatrician investigating quality. In fact, Prof. van der Aalst is not a healthcare researcher. He is a Dutch mathematician and computer scientist. His ideas and invented techniques are generally valuable to any industry that needs [...]

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