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The Twelve Days of EMR Beta Testing

I wrote this a few years ago (the “touch pens”). Decided it deserves a blog post.
“The Twelve Days of EMR Beta Testing”
Sung (obviously) to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas:

On the twelfth day of beta testing
My vendor sent to me
Twelve users using
Eleven printers printing
Ten doctors leaping
Nine patients dancing
Eight bills a billing
Seven screens appearing [...]

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Eventing Systems Will be Crucial to Improving Currently Low EHR Productivity

Eventing systems will be crucial to improving (currently low) EHR productivity.
An event is a change in state, in a patient (blood glucose exceeds threshold), a population (percent of population whose average blood glucose exceeds threshold for specified duration); or even change in logistic state (patient entering waiting room, average patient wait time exceeding a pre-specified [...]

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IBM: Using BPM Tools and Methodology in Healthcare

Anyone who reads my EHR Workflow Management Systems blog, or follows me on Twitter at @EHRworkflow, knows I pay attention to BPM-in-healthcare developments. Business process management and related technologies are underused in healthcare relative to other industries and potential to improve healthcare’s inefficient, ineffective, and inflexible processes. So I was delighted several days ago to [...]

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2012 Amazon Web Services (Health) User Conference Trip Report: Sounds Like (Nine)Teen(99) Spirit

[CW: The 2012 Amazon AWS re:Invent conference happened last week. The 2012 mHealth Summit is going on this week. At the moment I'm at WIPJam @ mHealth Summit: Mobile Development, part of the mHealth Summit. I'll be tweeting a link this blog post, so I added the following antescript. I added an addendum with [...]

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