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Attending AWS re: Invent, Amazon Web Services’ First Global Customer and Partner Conference: What’s The Healthcare Angle?

[CW: I promised to update this blog post after the conference, but wrote a complete new post instead: 2012 Amazon Web Services (Health) User Conference Trip Report: Sounds Like (Nine)Teen(99) Spirit]
I’ll be/I am/I was (depending on when you read this) attending AWS re: Invent, Amazon Web Services’ first Global Customer and Partner Conference on [...]

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A Great Workshop about Diagnostic Error: A Multidisciplinary Exploration

[The following tweeted, about an upcoming workshop in Long Beach, was added 2/3/2013.]
Delighted! +1! RT @lzipperer @ehrworkflow hey there — can U help spread word about #Dxerror session in Long Beach? Thx…
— Charles Webster, MD (@EHRworkflow) January 31, 2013

I had the very good fortune yesterday to attend a great workshop on Diagnostic Error: A [...]

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#AMIA2012 Trip Report: Best Conference I (N)ever Attended

[UPDATE: @AMIAinformatics kindly mentioned this blog post in two newsletters! 11.15.12 and 11.21.12. Thank you @AMIAinformatics. Also, since this post I've changed my Twitter name from @EHRworkflow to @wareFLO.]
I’ve live-tweeted lots of conferences, but I never live-tweeted a conference I didn’t attend. Until #AMIA2012. #AMIA2012 was the Twitter hashtag used during the recent American Medical [...]

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