2004 & 2006 EHR Workflow Management System Tutorials

Between 2004 and 2006 I gave three-hour tutorials at the old TEPR Conference (Towards the Electronic Patient Record). Here’s a conference description.


I’ve been meaning to post the slides for years. Now I have. Here’s the 2004 set. Here’s the 2006 set. To the former I added the original speaker notes. To the later I’ve added material from the original associated proceedings papers and from more recent blog posts, white papers, and proceedings papers.

I chopped the slides into blog posts so I can tweet and solicit comments and conversation. While I prepared the slides I noticed two things. The business process management systems née workflow management systems industry (now case management systems too) galloped along. However, while electronic medical records became electronic health records, and mobile, cloud, and social gained mindshare and marketshare, not as much as changed re incorporation of process-aware information technology.

There are more of the 2006 slides than the 2004 slides. For example, 2004 focussed on EHR workflow management systems in the medical office, but I added material about EHR workflow management systems in hospitals to the 2006 set. Also, I tried to stick as close as possible to the original speaker notes for 2004. So the 2004 slides are a shorter read. To the 2006 set I added lots of material from blog posts, papers, and a book chapter, from intervening years. It’s more current, but also a longer read with more distracting (but interesting!) material along the way. That said, there is some material in the 2004 set that I deemphasized in the 2006 set. So, depending on how interested (and obsessive) you are, review both. I cross-linked the two sets of slides via “Related Links” to make that a bit easier.

I plan to continue to add material to the 2006 slide notes. I’ve got a lot of draft content that either didn’t make it into the original three hour session, or which I’ve written since but not published here or elsewhere. In particular, expect new posts about process-aware technology and patient safety, healthcare workflow-in-the-cloud, context-aware mobile workflow, process mining EHR data, and how social computing and workflow computing increasingly overlap.

These slide notes are necessarily “rougher” than my other occasional blog posts. This is because they’ve often been copied from works in progress, such draft blog posts. I spend less time spell checking. Material is appended together with a bit less usual concern for smooth segue. [And I'll add bracketed stuff, like this, as ticklers and reminders to consider developing a thought further or finding a relevant Web link.]

If you’d like to be notified when I post this new, but related material, the best way to do so is to follow me on Twitter. If fact, if you already follow me on Twitter, you know I tend to tweet links to posts I’ve written (even links to anchors in specific paragraphs in posts I’ve written) in response to news or tweets about EHRs and workflow from others. I’ve just added some more arrows to my quiver, so to speak. I look forward to conversing with you, here on this blog, or on Twitter at @EHRworkflow.

TEPR 2004 EHR Workflow Management System Slides

Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2004 TEPR conference in Fort Lauderdale.

TEPR 2006 EHR Workflow Management Systems Slides

Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2006 TEPR Conference in Baltimore.

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