2006 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slides 11-14: What Do Experts Say About Healthcare Workflow?

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Keep in mind the following material is dated from within the 2004-2006 time frame. There has been much more since.


  • Workflow is the aspect of clinical systems implementations that varies the most from
    • Organization to organization
    • Facility to facility
    • Department to department
    • (and, I would argue, from user to user)

Workflow variability (along with data/systems integration requirements) are the leading expense in healthcare IT systems procurements & implementations.

Not Hardware, Not Software Licences


Factors Driving the Need for EHRs - By Market Segments

  • Facilitate workflow process (top factor in ambulatory sector)
  • Improve quality of care
  • Share patient records
  • Improve patient safety
  • Improve data capture
  • Improve clinical documentation to support billing

These survey results are from 2004-2006 time frame. You will notice that for the ambulatory market segment “facilitate workfloow process” was the most frequerntly cited reason for EHR adoption. It would be interesting to know what the results to the same survey would be today.


Gartner on Workflow Management Systems in Healthcare

The use of workflow engines that support explicit clinical workflow design by workers using graphical design tools. Workflow is a well-established technology that coordinates people’s interactions with each other and with computer systems. It is necessary in EHR systems to enable high-quality collaboration that will make healthcare safer and more efficient.


Gartner on Workflow Management Systems in Healthcare

…EHR systems that use it are only beginning to roll out. Products vary in the degree to which they provide graphical tools that permit users who are not trained computer analysts to design and amend workflows. This difference will affect the success of workflow capabilities within EHR systems.

(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

TEPR 2004 EHR Workflow Management System Slides

Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2004 TEPR conference in Fort Lauderdale.

TEPR 2006 EHR Workflow Management Systems Slides

Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2006 TEPR Conference in Baltimore.

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