2004 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slide 67: EMR EHR Workflow Engine Makes Possible Real-Time Task Tracking & Management

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So, for example, here we can see tech station, nurse station, Room 1, Jessica Dalwart waiting for vitals signs 17 minutes. The yellow [on the left, under Room 1] corresponds to the provider. The other tasks have colors that correspond, for example, the nursing role [orange, under Dr. Robbins] and this is constantly being updated moment-by-moment because the electronic health record workflow management system in executing all the process definitions, it knows exactly what activity is waiting, how long, for who, and this information can be feed into todo lists, but also into this status screen [sometimes called a radar view by usability engineers] that helps everybody build that shared model so they can see what tasks are waiting and particularly what task may have been languishing and then it provides a mechanism for them to go and accomplish that task because this screen is live, so for example if a nurse touches this vitals task, that will take you automatically to the vitals screen, the vitals can be entered and then that task disappears from the status screen setup.


(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

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Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2004 TEPR conference in Fort Lauderdale.

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