2004 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slide 66: Need Better Real-Time Coordinated EMR EHR Activity Delegation

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However, now that so much is happening so quickly and at the same time a new problem arises and EHR workflow management systems have solution for that. Because it becomes difficult to coordinate all of this stuff you need better coordinated activity delegation. That’s where the real-time task tracking and management portion of the workflow management system comes into play.

This is technically part of the previous two animations, but is worth breaking out. Eliminating non-value-added EMR EHR steps, and parallelizing the rest, results in the need for better coordinated activity delegation. For extended discussion see related slides from the 2006 slide deck.


(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

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TEPR 2004 EHR Workflow Management System Slides

Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2004 TEPR conference in Fort Lauderdale.

TEPR 2006 EHR Workflow Management Systems Slides

Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2006 TEPR Conference in Baltimore.

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