2004 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slide 49: EMR EHR Practice Survey: Effect of Usable Workflow on Time & Quality

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I’ve placed time and quality on the same slide as they have an interesting relationship. Before the “quality revolution” people thought that one has to increase the amount of time that on spends on a product or service in order to improve its quality but we found that not to be true. Also, patients see timeliness as an important element of quality. If they do not have to wait as long or the encounter is shorter and allows them to get back to work on time that can be viewed as increased quality. There was a six minute decrease in time to chart, a sixteen minute decrease in visit length, a 13.5 minute decrease in patient wait [time]. The amount time it took return a message reduced by two hours and forty-five minutes. The amount of time it took to refill a prescription decreased by four hours. There was a twenty-five percent increase in immunization for pediatric practices and inspire of the higher volume and the shorter encounters there was a 17 percent increase in quality review scores.


(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

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TEPR 2004 EHR Workflow Management System Slides

Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2004 TEPR conference in Fort Lauderdale.

TEPR 2006 EHR Workflow Management Systems Slides

Based on the slide deck used for three-hour tutorial at the 2006 TEPR Conference in Baltimore.

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