2004 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slide 24-30: Process Definitions Adapt EMR EHR Screen Presentation to Task Structure

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Here is a visual aid. You can think of an electronic health record as having an inventory of activities. Some of these activities are screens–entering or reviewing data or entering orders. These screens are like a pack of cards. You can select a subset of these screens and screenless activities such as the printing of educational material into a process definition. This process definition then is executed by the workflow engine during an encounter.

[CW: This set of seven slides are snapshots of a powerpoint animation (converted to a flash animation). In the first slide there are forty two EMR EHR screen thumbnails shown on the right. These represent an "inventory" of EMR EHR screens that can be used to create a process definition. As the animation runs a number of screens move out of in "inventory" into the process definition. I also use the metaphor of a pack of cards. The pack is "inventory" and the process definition is a "hand" (sequence of cards, an imperfect analogy admittedly).]


Animation Step 1


Animation Step 2


Animation Step 3


Animation Step 4


Animation Step 5


Animation Step 6


(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

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