2004 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slide 14: Manual vs Automated Activities: Workflow Reference Model

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We have just applied the Workflow Reference Model to the donut bakery. In healthcare the business process might be the ambulatory process or the patient encounter process and the process definition is going to describe the encounter and it is going to be used to create and manage an actual encounter by an electronic health record workflow management system.


Application of Workflow Reference Model

  • Business Process
    • (defined by) Process Definition (composed of)
      • (composed of) Activities (during execution represented by) Activity Instances (and/or)
        • Manual Activities
        • Automated Activities
      • (managed by) Workflow Management System (via)
        • Process Instances
          • Activity Instances (and/or)
            • Work Items
            • Invoked Applications

(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

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