2004 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slide 13: Cookbook: Cooking Analogy Workflow Reference Model

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I imagine that this hi-tech donut shop has a cookbook someplace, some kind of binder full of policies and procedures and recipes. These are used to manage desert creation. This cookbook is made up of activities. Some of these activities are manual activities such as mixing ingredients, placing in an oven, adding glaze and other are programmable activities, automated activities that rely on automated mixers and conveyor belt ovens and icers.


Cooking Analogy

  • Cooking Process
    • (defined by) Cookbook (composed of)
      • (composed of) Activities (during execution represented by) Activity Instances (and/or)
        • Manual Activities
          • Mixing ingredients
          • Placing in oven
          • Adding glaze
        • Automated Activities
          • Programmable mixer
          • Conveyor belt oven
          • Automated icers
      • (managed by) Kitchen Staff (via)
        • Dessert Creation
          • Activity Instances (and/or)
            • Work Items
            • Invoked Applications

(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

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