2004 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slide 12: Cooking Analogy Workflow Reference Model

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Here is a cooking analogy. Near where I live in Atlanta is the flagship donut shop for a large and successful donut chain. In there they have the most amazing cooking process. They have this programmable mixer that is extruding donuts. This conveyor belt oven with glass on the side that allows you to see the donuts make their course through the oven. They emerge and float across some hot oil and then there is this automated icer that squirts the icing on them. On the other site of a wall from them is a line of kids, plus myself, and it’s quite fun to pick out your donut and then to eat it, having seen all the steps of its creation. Around the corner is the most amazing Buck Rogers wall full of dials, levers, and guages. Its all very retro and very fifties and very fun.


(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

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