2004 EHR WfMS Tutorial Slide 1-2: What (Exactly) is EMR EHR Workflow Management?

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My name is Chuck Webster, VP Medical Informatics, at JMJ Technologies in Atlanta Georgia [CW: Obviously, not currently!]. I’m here to speak about What (Exactly) is Electronic Health Record Workflow Management and what are its Empirical Effects on Practice Productivity

(By the way, these slides are screen-captured from an audio-narrated Flash-video based on the slides. Feel free to have a listen, if you’d rather.


Here is my outline. What is Workflow Managment. Show me some numbers. Why are they so good?

A better outline might have been…


  • Five EHR Workflow Usability Principles
  • The Workflow Reference Model
  • Four Types of EHR Workflow
  • Survey: Usability, Revenue, Expenses, Time & Quality
  • Why did Patient Volume Increase?
  • Less Not Value-Added Activity
  • More Parallel Value-Added-Activity
  • Better Coordinated Activity Delegation
  • Who is the Workflow Engine?

…but I didn’t want to makes the mistake of spending a lot of time explaining the outline when I could simply demonstrate it by forging ahead!

(Take me to the beginning of these slides!)

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