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Nuance’s 2012 Understanding Healthcare Challenge: Natural Language Processing Meets Clinical Language Understanding

I’ve written a lot recently about natural language processing in healthcare.

Video Interview and 10 Questions for Nuance’s Dr. Nick on Clinical Language Understanding
Clinical NLP at 2012 NAACL Human Language Technology Conference
My Virtual Graduate Degree in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing

Language technology and workflow technology have lots of interesting connections. As I previously discussed:

NLP and [...]

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Cited! My “Process-aware EHR BPM Systems: Two Prototypes and a Conceptual Framework”

I’m always looking for new material on the Web about process-aware information systems in healthcare. They go by many names: EMR workflow systems, EHR workflow management systems, mentions of “workflow engine” in healthcare contexts, clinical groupware (see my definition), EHR BPM systems (for Business Process Management), and adaptive case management, to list a few. Since [...]

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User-Centered vs Activity-Centered Design: A Follow Up to “User-Centered EHR Design Considered Harmful”

About six months ago I wrote User-Centered EHR Design Considered Harmful (Try Process-Centered Instead). Healthcare Scene’s EMR and EHR blog gave it a mention and it rocketed around the Twittersphere for a couple days.
I recently stumbled on this presentation about Activity-Centred Design (British spelling). I thought several of its slides (adapted) would make a [...]

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Healthcare Workflow-as-a-Service? One-Minute Interview and 6 Questions for KISSFLOW CTO

(Remarkably, two days after this interview, about healthcare workflow-as-a-service, a healthcare workflow-as-a-service won KiSSFLOW’s War-of-Workflows context. Here’s the press release. Thanks for mentioning me KiSSFLOW!)
A single tweet can lead to all kinds of interesting conversations! For example, I tweeted about a new workflow-as-a-service for Google Apps.
Developers Beware: Kissflow lets people who don’t have coding background [...]

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