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User-Centered EHR Design Considered Harmful (Try Process-Centered Instead)

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Credited father of user- or human-centered system design (variously HCD, UCD, HCSD, or HCD), Donald Norman (DN) wrote a contrarian essay in 2005 (“Human-centered Design Considered Harmful”) offering an alternative vision of usability and design he called “activity-centered design.” Business process management (BPM) and workflow management systems presuppose activity-centered perspectives. I’ve argued that [...]

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Hold Onto Your Hats: BPM in Healthcare is Taking Off!

I’ve been writing, presenting, blogging, and tweeting about HIT / EHR workflow management systems and business process management (BPM) for more than a decade. My 2003 white paper has been number one in Google for “EMR” and “workflow” for years (now watch it drop like a rock!). Also see Well Understood, Consistently Executed, Adaptively Resilient, [...]

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“HatCam” goes to #HIMSS12: Video Interviews, Fisheye Tours, BPM & Process Mining

At the recent #HIMSS12 in Las Vegas I walked around with a small, but noticeable, bluetooth “HatCam” clipped to my Fighting Illini ballcap. I even changed my Twitter avatar to show the HatCam. Tweeting one-minute (on average) interviews with hashtag #HIMSS12 (click it to search Twitter for related tweets), I had lots of fun. With [...]

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