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Zowie! Tweets for Week Ending July 25, 2010: Platforms, Models, Mobile, Customization

Clinicians need [ #EMR #EHR ] that offer the highest level possible of user-determined flexibility & customization” #BPM 1 week ago
#Mobile #Apps To Hit 25 Billion By 2015 #iphone #android 1 week ago
Ditto! BTW you’re blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world! RT @ahier It was great to meet [...]

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Zowie! Tweets of Week Ending July 18, 2010: Tweetjam #acmjam, adaptive case management, Herbert Simon, EMR/EHR Usability

“Could someone please define adaptive case management?” @chuckwebster ‹ relevant #acmjam tweets via @actionbase #BPM 2 days ago
RT @EvidenceSoup “opinion…widely held is no evidence…not…absurd… - B Russell” ‹ no positive correlation btwn wide heldness & not absurdness? 2 days ago
RT @VinceKuraitis Twitter hashtag for Healthcare Unbound Conference: #HCUnbound San Diego, July 19-20 2 [...]

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Herbert Simon’s Well- vs. Ill-Structured Problems, Adaptive Case Management, and Clinical Groupware

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Herbert Simon, a Nobel Prize-winning economist (and fellow alumnus, I never fail to mention) helped found the fields of artificial intelligence and cognitive science. He “was one of the most influential social scientists of the 20th century” (Wikipedia). I attended his lectures at Carnegie Mellon University, where his ideas about attention, bounded rationality, and satisficing provided [...]

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Zowie! Tweets of Week Ending July 11, 2010: Intuitive vs Intuitable EMRs, EHRs, and Clinical Groupware; Easily vs Barely Repeatable, Structured vs Unstructured, Formal vs Ad-hoc Processes

“two types of business processes” ‹ easily/barely repeatable, structured/unstructured, formal/ad-hoc 1 day ago
#Smartphone #mobile #EHR #EMR “form factor…ease of use…pure delight…most usable programs doctors have ever encountered” 2 days ago
Tweetjam #acmjam 12-2PM ET Thursday 7/15 #BPM & adaptive case management ‹ IMHO relevant 2 #EMR #EHR clinical #groupware 2 days ago
“When [...]

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Zowie! Tweets for Week Ending July 4th, 2010: Independence Day, #BPM, #EMR, #EHR, Clinical #groupware, Structured, Unstructured, Visible Work Grand Old Inflatable Flag, Independence Day Parade, Constitution Ave, Wash DC, now relaxing in Sculpture Garden 1 day ago
My best fireworks photo from last July 4th Nice combo w/ Capitol dome Happy 4th from Washington DC! 2 days ago
“A BPM Suite…has the ability 2 effectively handle both unstructured & structured processes” ‹ [...]

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